Quinton Edwards and AMC work together to advise the industry


In a landscape of uncertainty it is important to manage risks. Forthcoming Brexit negotiations, variable weather patterns and pricing pressures all add up to a tough environment for the garden centre and horticultural sector.

In these trying times, the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation has been dedicated to the rural sector for over 85 years, providing specialist short and long term finance that matches the industry’s unique needs.

Whether you are interested in re-financing your current loans, requiring long term fixed rates and long term interest only borrowing or want greater working capital flexibility, the AMC finance offers certainty and peace of mind.

Why Choose an AMC Mortgage?
- With terms of 5 to 30 year terms, it is ideal for acquisition.

- Non callable (even on death) the loan can be passed on to a future generation.

- Competitive interest rates on a fixed or variable basis or a combination of both.

- Interest only or annuity repayment options, monthly, quarterly or half yearly to suit your business.

- Loan margin agreed at the outset with no annual review of business accounts as long as repayment obligations are met.

- Secured against land, buildings and dwellings up to a maximum to value of 60.0%.

- The AMC can lend to individuals, limited companies, partnerships or trusts.

- All income sources can be considered for loan service ability.

- No need to disrupt your day-to-day banking arrangements.

- A no nonsense approach, the AMC completes the application form with you.

- The AMC lend you the money and leave you to get on and run your business.

What is Your To Do List?
1. Refurbish your garden centre, re-fit, install EPOS or refurbish your glasshouses and buildings, improve services, install new boilers.

2. Expand heated and unheated open sales areas in your garden centres or expand your glasshouse area and/or your plant standing out areas and yardage in your nursery.

3. Construct concession and/or warehouse buildings for a garden centre or a new packhouse for your new nursery.

4. Buy adjacent land.

5. Buy another nursery or garden centre.

6. Restructure borrowings / convert hard core overdraft to a loan.

Quinton Edwards have been working with the AMC for many years and are happy to recommend them.  Please contact Simon Quinton Smith on 01635 551441 for a no obligation and confidential discussion to see how we and the AMC can help you.